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More About Global TCK Care & Education

What is Global TCK Care & Education (formerly iCHED) and what is its structure? Those who have been in the organization a while will remember International CHED or CHED Family Services, though most who knew us as CHED Family Services no longer have school-aged children.

What is TCK Care & Education (TC&E)?

This is our mission statement: The mission of TCK Care & Education, SIL's children's education domain, is to support the translation task by serving TC&E personnel and families of SIL and its partner organizations by providing information in the areas of children's education, school options (profiles), and Third Culture Kid (TCK) issues.

Within the context of the goals of SIL, we strive to do the following:

  • Provide SIL families with appropriate information and consultation for education programs
  • Provide pre-field training for TC&E personnel to enable them to better serve families
  • Encourage the development of education options that allow family members to remain together
  • Encourage entity administrators to see families and their children as integral and essential to the translation goals and to attend appropriately to meeting family needs

Structure of TC&E

Please notice the Global is not in front of the acronym TC&E in the heading. Global TC&E refers to the office that is part of Global Human Resources Services at SIL International. However, TC&E refers to anyone who has a job to help our families and MKs.

Here is how it works:You (parent) --> “local” TC&E Coordinator (if there is one) --> Area TC&E Coordinator --> Global TCK Care & Education.

“Local” TC&E Coordinators change a lot more frequently, and they relate mostly to their Area TC&E Coordinator. Here is a list of the current SIL Area TC&E Coordinators:

  • Africa Area: Bev Harrar
  • Americas Area: Lyn Shingledecker-Wheeler
  • Asia Area: Alan Farlin
  • Eurasia Area: no one
  • Pacific Area: no one

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