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Learning Challenges

Our desire as parents and educators is to be able to meet the learning needs of all children. Sometimes this is more than can be handled without the support of people who specialize in strategies for teaching or working with children with learning issues. We hope these articles and resources might be helpful in meeting the needs of the children you are trying to help.

General Help

Helping Struggling Learners

Three scenarios to help parents think through how they might help their child who are struggling learners.

Labeling 101 by Diane Lilleberg

Looking at the positives and challenges when giving a label to the struggles a child is experiencing.

Resources for ADD/ADHD

Steps for Helping Struggling Learners

Suggestions for helping your struggling child.

When and Where to Get Help

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

This section covers a description of autism spectrum disorders and early signs to look for. It also provides links to resources around the world, book lists, and app resources.

Children's Speech

This two-part series looks at children's speech disorders.

Children’s Speech: When Should a Parent be Concerned? – Part 1 by Pam Gentry

Children’s Speech: What Can a Parent Do? – Part 2 by Pam Gentry


This section covers what it is, how to recognize its symptoms, how to help, and where to find more information.

Helping English Language Learners

Teachers in most of the TCK schools are seeing more and more students coming from countries where English is not the mother tongue, yet the language of the school is English. On this page are links to some resources to help teachers meet the needs of their English Language Learners (ELLs).

Other Resources

Books on Helping Struggling Learners

Links for Helping Struggling Children